Seven Mile MG Metro 6R4 Could Sell For £250,000 At Auction

MG Metro 6R4
MG Metro 6R4 could sell for £250,000 at auction

An MG Metro 6R4 purchased by its first owner directly from the Austin Rover Group Ltd as a kit will go under the hammer at Silverstone Classic Sale 2019 in July.

The pocket rocket was the brainchild of Austin Rover’s John Davenport in a bid to quench their insatiable thirst for motorsport success which sadly never materialised due to the short-lived Group B rally category.

MG Metro 6R4

Following in the footsteps of Audi and their revolutionary permanent 4WD transmission, the company set about creating a competition car that shared only the name of its brotherly Metro and boasted a mid-mounted engine capable of around 410 bhp (306 kW; 416 PS).

This particular MG Metro 6R4 has been tagged as ‘brand new’ and is likely to be the only unregistered one in the world. The lazy speedometer is stuck in a Group B time-warp with a mere 7 miles recorded and never witnessed raindrops in its unassembled lifetime.

MG Metro 6R4

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Factory intact and coated in factory wax, as collected from Abingdon in 1986, it was purchased by its initial owner on the 5th December 1986 as a kit with a full set of assembly instructions included to complete the remaining build process.

Austin Rover’s idea was to build the car as a ‘ready to rally’ car without Type Approval meaning that the Metro 6R4 had to be sold as a ‘kit’ on which owners were obliged to carry out a minor degree of final assembly prior to it being ‘ready to rally’.

MG Metro 6R4

The car remained there until it was purchased by the current owner in 2002 when the mileage was five miles. The additional two miles has come about as he has run-up the engine and drivetrain on stands during the seventeen years in his care. As well as the Assembly Manual, the history file contains all of the purchase contract correspondence, letters from the original owner to Donington, and a number of photographs.

MG Metro 6R4 could sell for £250,000 at auction

The full details of this remarkable car can be found here.

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