Sharper Than Your Versace Suit – Vauxhall Lotus Carlton £125,000

Lotus Carlton
This particular Lotus Carlton will cost you just short of £125,000

Sharper than your expensive Versace suit and quicker than the average Ferrari Testarossa, this Lotus Carlton is being offered at just a sniff under a whopping £125,000.

The Lotus Carlton is pretty rare nowadays, in fact so rare the last time these firecrackers were counted you’d be lucky to spot one of the remaining 78 zipping around the UK country lanes.

This straight-six twin-turbocharged beast bounces out an impressive 377bhp which as Quentin Wilson frequently states, ‘can chew the coat-tails’ off a Ferrari Testarossa.

Lotus Carlton
Lotus Carlton

So why is this particular Vauxhall Lotus Carlton demanding such a screamingly loud price tag?

Well, its apparently only covered just over 4,500 miles from the outset and the seller deems it ‘likely’ to be the best one in the world, which is difficult to argue the toss about given there ain’t many to draw comparisons from.

Yes, its a landmark legendary speed-freak and even looks pretty slick for a Vauxhall from the outside, but it still has four doors and looks like the average big Cavalier. It even has the ‘pipe and slippers’ feel inside the spacious cockpit area with the obligatory Vauxhall trip-switch thing going on around the driver.

Lotus Carlton
Lotus Carlton

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What it has got is an outstanding set of figures and performance to back its sky-scraping price up, which at the time, even with the period ‘turbo lag’, could dismantle its roadside rivals with the blip of even the lightest right foot.

Number 28 of a frugal 284 UK built cars and boasting uprated brakes, suspension and 3.6 powertrain; is it worth that astronomical price tag?

So, if you feel the need to downsize your existing home and in the process relieve yourself of around £125,000, then visit this link now.