Silverstone Classic 2018 Promises High Octane Excitement

Silverstone Classic 2018
Silverstone Classic 2018

This year’s Silverstone Classic (20-22 July) will see a whole host of jaw-dropping action with rubber-burning, flame throwing and even stunt legend Terry Grant lighting up his tyres alongside the ever popular, spectacular Streetcar Shootout.

Self confessed petrolhead and track supremo Grant has no fewer than 23 World Records to his now iconic name and entertains motorsport fans around the globe. Silverstone Classic 2018 will be a first for the no-limits daredevil, with a host stunts and tricks that are sure to thrill the expectant crowd.

Fastest Mile

His astonishing roster of audacious records includes the highest loop-the-loop in a car, the fastest mile on just two-wheels, the furthest barrel roll jump, the most donuts standing on the roof of a car and the highest number of donuts in 100 seconds… to name just a few.

At the Classic, the showman extraordinaire will be wowing huge crowds from behind the wheel of both his Legend, a 1937 Ford Sedan, and his custom-built V8-supercharged stunt Mustang.

Grant will be performing at lunchtime and teatime on all three days on the old section of the famous track between what once were Abbey and Bridge corners – here he’ll be sharing the high-octane spotlight with the crowd-pleasing Streetcar Shootout.

Terry Grant
Terry Grant is bringing his stunt show to the Silverstone Classic

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The demo drag-strip has become a firm favourite with all ages of visitors, and this summer’s magical line-up of dramatic wheel-spinners will be the biggest and wildest ever seen at the Silverstone Classic with more than 22,000bhp tearing up the tarmac.

The ever popular Taz Racing returns with a full line-up of amazing vehicles including multiple Shootout winner ‘Boss Taz’ (aka Chris Skinner) and ‘Scoff Taz’ (aka Adam Skinner) in his incredible 420bhp Fiat, now totally rebuilt after last year’s almighty accident.

New For 2018

New for 2018 are a brace of outrageous Ford Pops hailing from the Outlaw Anglia Racing series plus an even more extreme 1936 Half Ton Truck propelled by a monster supercharged 7.7 litre V8 engine with 810 HP on tap. It all adds up to an astonishing power show… and one that, like so much of the fun-fuelled entertainment at the Silverstone Classic, is included in the ticket price.

Keeping with the event’s widely acclaimed and great value ‘access all areas’ policy, all tickets (which must be purchased in advance) include free entrance not only to watch the Streetcar Shootout and Terry Grant Stunt Shows but also both racing paddocks and pit complexes, open trackside grandstands, air displays, funfair rides, a host of family activities on the JET Village Green and live music concerts on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Adult admittance is from just £45 and considerable savings are on offer for both families and those festival-goers spending the full weekend at Silverstone. Full details can be found on the official website.

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