ŠKODA Celebrates 125 Years With 12 Strong Historic Automotive Convoy

ŠKODA historic convoy

ŠKODA celebrates 125 years with a historic convoy which takes twelve models past the Mcely and Loučeň castles with the marques testing centre in Úhelnice also on the planned tour.

Embracing twelve automotive milestones, ŠKODA AUTO will make the extraordinary journey through time with some of the most important models of the Czech car manufacturer around the headquarters in Mladá Boleslav.

The selected vehicles will range from the historic and beautiful L&K Voiturette A as the first automobile of the brand in 1905, all the way through to the camouflaged ŠKODA ENYAQ iV.

On a journey that heads from the ŠKODA Museum at the company’s headquarters in Mladá Boleslav, where some of the vehicles used can be seen as exhibits, the strategically planned route takes the twelve models past the glorious Mcely and Loučeň castles and onwards to the ŠKODA AUTO testing centre in Úhelnice.

ŠKODA Celebrates 125 Years

Each of the twelve automotive milestones taking part has shaped its time and contributed a chapter to the development history of ŠKODA vehicles. The L&K Voiturette A, built from 1905 to 1907, the first-generation ŠKODA Superb (1934 to 1949), ŠKODA Popular Monte Carlo (1936 to 1939), ŠKODA Felicia Cabriolet (1959 to 1964), ŠKODA 1000 MB (1964 to 1969), ŠKODA Trekka (1966 to 1972) and a ŠKODA 110 R Coupé (1970 to 1980).

Škoda Superb OHV
The impressive 1948 Škoda Superb OHV

The period from the mid-1980s to the present is represented by Favorit (1987 to 1994), the first generation of the modern Octavia (1996 to 2010), a ŠKODA Yeti (2009 to 2017), the ŠKODA Scala produced since 2018 and a camouflaged ŠKODA Enyaq iV, which will soon be presented to the world.

Björn Kröll, Head of ŠKODA Product Marketing:
“ŠKODA can look back on 125 years of history and has produced numerous iconic vehicles during this time. In every new vehicle, experiences flow that was gained during the development of and driving with previous models. The ENYAQ iV is the quintessence of all these findings, at the same time new ideas have also flowed into the vehicle that inspires and are simply clever. As our first purely battery-electric vehicle that was designed as such from the start, the ENYAQ iV leads our company into a new era.”

The Beginning – L&K Voiturette A

It was the visionary founders of the company, Václav Laurin and Václav Klement who began the automotive story with the L&K Voiturette A which was the company’s first automobile ten years after the company began.

The 1930s witnessed the impressive ŠKODA Superb, already a flagship of the brand and the dynamic ŠKODA Popular Monte Carlo which saw the marque introduce the name ‘Monte Carlo’ following its success at the legendary Rally with which it shares its name.

ŠKODA celebrates 125 years
Škoda Popular Sport Monte Carlo


There are three models from the 1960s and 1970s. The pioneering ŠKODA 1000 MB marked a turning point in the history of the Czech automobile manufacturer, switching to a rear-engined layout and drawing inspiration from its half brother, the Renault 8. It was powered by a 988cc OHV with an aluminium cylinder block.

Škoda1000 MB
Škoda1000 MB

The iconic ŠKODA 130 RS later built on the sporty two-door coupé, which the sporty ŠKODA RS models are still reminiscent of today. The Trekka, which was created in New Zealand in 1966 and is based on the original OCTAVIA, is an early forerunner of today’s SUV.

ŠKODA celebrates 125 years
Christian Strube, ŠKODA AUTO Board Member for Technical Development:
“Each of these special models from ŠKODA’s 125 years has had a significant impact on the company’s development. Many of our brand values ​​have a long tradition. The high level of driving comfort can be traced back to the first ŠKODA SUPERB, we find the extraordinary design at the ŠKODA FELICIA, the modern body shop already shaped the ŠKODA 1000 MB and the first modern OCTAVIA impressed with its generous amount of space.”

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