Snobs Will Love This Porsche ‘Flachbau’ At Coys Grandes Marques Auction

1987 Porsche 930 'Flachbau' (Slantnose) - Est: €150,000- €200,000

Loose cash, new start and hankering for some German engineering? Look no further as International auctioneers Coys give the thumbs up to another showcase auction, the Grandes Marques, Maastricht 2018.


Amongst others, this continental, sports and touring extravaganza has no less than 20 Porsche greats up for grabs at the MECC in the Netherlands.

Yes, it’s time to inspect that already under pressure bank balance and stretch it even more with a new home for this 1987 Porsche ‘Flachbau’ 930 Slantnose (est: €150,000- €200,000).

1987 Porsche 930 ‘Flachbau’ (Slantnose) – Est: €150,000- €200,000


The ‘Flachbau’ (“flatnose” or “slantnose”) 930 was certainly a unique car offered by the German manufacturer, produced under ‘Sonderwunschprogramm’ (special order program) from the early 80’s.

Instead of the usual and instantly recognisable 911 front end, the 930 with a 935 slantnose was hand-built leading to high ticket value.

This hefty, although not unaffordable price increase made the 948 Flachbau units very desirable, especially in Europe, where buyers embraced the 330hp power surge.

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As the Holman & Moody-tuned Cobra 427 and the Ford GT40, Motor’s Roger Bell said about what made Porsche so different:
“hurls you forward with similar velocity but in an uncannily quiet and effortless way. To be shoved so hard in the back that you need high-back seats to keep your head on, yet neither to feel nor hear anything more than a muffled hum, is a very odd sensation indeed in a car.”

Coys auctioneers describe this sought after Porsche as coming from previous long-term ownership for over two decades this wonderful example is the only factory Flachbau turbo to be displayed in this rare colour combination. A lovely example all round this slantnose is ready for a new custodian for the next chapter of its life.

1987 Porsche 930 ‘Flachbau’ (Slantnose) – Est: €150,000- €200,000

Full details of this auction and location can be found here.

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