South Yorkshire Transport Museum

The South Yorkshire Transport Museum is a non-profit organisation which relies on donations, sponsorship, funding and the help of its volunteers to keep it running. A part of history is kept alive through the careful restoration of the vehicles.

The Museum is currently home to around 50 vehicles including cars, buses and a tramcar body. Some of these vehicles are owned by the museum and some are privately owned.

All of these vehicles are at different stages of restoration, some fully restored to their former glory.

A list of vehicles in the museum can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

Museum Vehicle Collection
Details of the vehicles in the museum collection can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Private Vehicles in the museum
Details of the privately owned vehicles in the museum can be viewed by clicking HERE.

South Yorkshire Transport Museum
South Yorkshire Transport Museum

9 Waddington Way
S65 3SH

Phone: 07852 298082



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