Spectre’s Type 10 Mini Restomod Is A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

Spectre Type 10 Mini

Spectre’s amazing Type 10 Mini restomod draws its inspiration from both old and new with an upgraded powertrain, suspension, brakes and stunning interior…

It was back in 1959 when a certain Alec Issigonis revolutionised motoring by designing the iconic classic Mini. Little did he know, 62 years later one of his creations would be powered by a 230bhp Japanese powertrain.

Vancouver’s Spectre Vehicle Design has done exactly that with their feisty Type 10 which, in case you weren’t paying close attention, is a mid-engine sports car dressed in the spirit and form of the good old Mini.

It’s worth remembering the Mini was pretty advanced back in the day with a short wheelbase, front-wheel drive, and bulletproof ‘A’ Series transverse engine at the front that made light work of just about any difficult conditions you might encounter.

Spectre Type 10 Mini

Spectre Type 10 Powertrain

On a serious mission to upgrade the Mini’s power, the talented guys at Spectre decided Honda’s 2.0L VTEC engine that delivers around 230bhp to the rear wheels through a limited-slip differential and six-speed transmission would be a good shout and who could blame them. The power unit is strategically positioned just behind the two front seats with a decent-sized air vent added to the near-side of the vehicle and exhaust outlets heading south via the existing boot lid.

Spectre Type 10 Mini


A subtle yet classically modern interior demonstrates an incredible eye for detail and craftsmanship from a team who clearly knows their stuff. Inspiration is said to be drawn from ‘the Japanese mudroom, the Bauhaus movement, and mid-century modern design‘ which is reflected by the materials and tranquil environment within the cabin space.

Spectre Mini

The feeling of connectivity to the outside space is exaggerated by the use of a curved glass Sky Panel that creates an airy and immersive driving experience.

Spectre Type 10 Mini

The response and ride are delivered by coilover suspension on all four corners while an innovative rear suspension arm design helps retain the nimble go-kart handling that the original Mini is famous for. Hard durometer rubber bushings are used throughout for compliant and responsive control.

Braking has been upgraded and includes 8.1″ vented discs with four-piston monoblock radial-mounted calipers on the front and four-piston 7.5″ discs fitted to the rear. Stainless steel braided lines and Motul RBF 660 Brake fluid are standard.

Spectre Type 10 Mini

The whole thing weighs in at around 800 kilos and sits on what looks to be redesigned 10″ Minilites with a three-piece wheel and six stretched spokes, including directional spokes that stimulate ventilation.

What does it all cost?
A limited run of ten will cost around £100,000 each with orders taken via this link.

Images courtesy Spectre

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