Sporting Bears Celebrate 30th Anniversary NEC Restoration

NEC Classic Restoration Show

Sporting Bears will celebrate their 30th anniversary at Practical Classic Car Show.

Since the clubs inception in 1989 the club has gone from strength to strength, raising a staggering £2.3 million for children’s charities, and £16,000 at last year’s NEC Restoration Show alone.

Founded in 1989 by Chris Glasbey and his passionate wife Pat, the dynamic duo decided it was time to put something back into the classic scene, and came up with the idea of forming a unique organisation with aims to raise money for charity.

Chris had owned a TR3A since 1975 and was a long standing member of the TR Register, but he wanted to do more than static shows and wanted to run a classic car tour to benefit a children’s charity.

Sporting Bears

So, where did that catchy well thought out name come from?

Very quickly is the answer to that conundrum – SPORTING (for all classic cars and new sports cars) and BEARS (children’s charities), and the logo is, of course, a TR3 with a bear driving, chosen in part for its similarity to a Noddy car (for those old enough to remember).

The club’s first local meeting was in September 1989, and the first national event was the International Classic and Sportscar Show at the NEC in May 1990. On that occasion we collected about £800 in donations.

The “Bears”, are a dedicated group of classic car and sports car enthusiasts with the primary aim – to raise money for children’s charities through our own social and touring events, and to support other charitable events.

It is to the club’s credit that annual subscriptions support the club overheads, and the members provide the cars, time and effort at their own cost thus allowing all monies raised from Dream Rides® and other events to be directed towards the selected charities.

As the club has become known for what it does it has attracted more support from the public, and invaluable support from show organisers, and to date has raised approximately £2.3 million for children’s charities.

Practical Classic Car Restoration Show
Stunning restorations showcased

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Who can join?

Although the club is open to the owners of all classic saloons and sportscars, as well as modern sports cars and kit cars of a sporting nature, it also has a number of members who do not own such cars but they enjoy helping the Bears to fund raise by assisting at shows and other functions.

The members’ cars vary from a 1913 Ford Model T up to the very latest sports cars.

It also features something special or rare where possible. Last March at the NEC, for example there was a rare MG SVR, and last November had an equally rare Wiesmann GT and the latest sports car to arrive in the UK – the new Alpine A110.

Last March also debuted two traction engines for Dream Rides thanks to terrific support from members of the National Traction Engine Trust.

Find the Sporting Bears team in Hall 5.

Remember tickets for the NEC Restoration Show can be had via this link.

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