Steve McQueen’s 1968 Mustang Found In Mexico

Steve Mqueen

Steve McQueen’s 1968 Mustang has apparently been found in a Mexican scrap yard, and has been confirmed as one of two original cars used in the cool San Francisco’s cop classic movie ‘Bullitt.’

Experts have already cast their beady eyes over the once ferociously fast muscle car, coupling that with the movie having its 50th anniversary, so what could the legendary Classic Car bring at auction?

Kevin Marti, of the Marti Report, told Fox News
“I’m 100% sure it’s authentic, this Mustang, used primarily for the film’s stunt scenes, reportedly had not been seen in nearly 50 years, while the other ‘68 Mustang from the film is in a private car collection after going through a few owners, including a failed attempt by McQueen to buy it shortly before he died in 1980.

“It’s not the first time one of these old movie cars showed up in a junkyard, but it’s rare.”

Car Chase

Some say the car chase is one of the best ever to grace the big screens, with McQueen’s cool cop Frank Bullitt behind the wheel, thrashing it’s way through heavy traffic, up and down San Francisco’s infamous hills and back-streets.

Classic Car anoraks often debate the amount of nudges, bumps and hub caps there are within the flick, but also seem to continuously add to the actual amount of Mustangs used in the high-speed chase.

Other raging arguments have seen Charger enthusiasts quoting figures to bolster claims a Mustang would never out muscle the legendary Charger.

The ‘barn’ find was discovered in Baja California Sur painted white, rather than it’s Highland Green original ‘Bullitt’ status, by a collector named Hugo Sanchez.

Paintwork was stripped back following the ‘rough’ requirements needed for another later movie, named “Gone in 60 Seconds.”


Restoration is now underway in California ahead of the film’s 50th anniversary, but experts are reluctant to hazard a guess at the potential value of the 1968 Mustang.

Standards have been set previously with an original Charger from the scene going on sale in 2013, restored, with a tag of $1 million attached to it.

The infamous chase sequence