Stunning 1973 Jaguar E-Type Series 3 2+2 Restoration

E-Type Series 3 2+2 Restoration
E-Type Series 3 2+2 Restoration

1973 Jaguar E-Type Series 3 2+2 restoration spares no expense.

E-Type UK have just completed a ‘no expense spared’ restoration on a Series 3 2+2 E-Type Jaguar, to original specification and with particular care and due diligence to its pedigree. The end product is a stunning example of a car often tagged as ‘the best looking’ ever.

Rarely are Series 3 E-Types given the full works makeover and upgrade programme, with customers requests often relating to earlier spec big cats.

The customer specifically required an example that was not only fully reliable, but also delivered subtle modernisation, improving existing thoroughbred integrity. Classically retaining its personality, integrity and production line excellence, the right-hand-drive Series 3 Coupe does exactly that.

E-Type Series 3 2+2 Restoration
E-Type Series 3 2+2 Restoration

Stripping & Detail

The E-Type UK team payed the utmost care and attention to detail, firstly stripping, which exposed some previous ‘underwhelming’ repairs, then addressing areas of particular exposure, such as inner arches and floor areas.

Once all the metal work was repaired to original specifications, a bespoke aluminium bonnet was fabricated to reduce front-end weight. Then, it was time for a concours standard repaint in the stunning shade of Opalescent Gunmetal.

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Founder Marcus Holland commented:
“We treat every model of E-Type with the same respect whether in for service, restoration or sale, and seeing this 2+2 completed to such a standard is incredibly satisfying. Like our clients, we are big believers in using these special cars, so it is a real joy knowing that this on-the-button E-Type will be regularly on the road with that cavernous boot full of luggage.”

Engine Upgrades

The engine was given full strip and rebuilding procedure including a number upgrades synonymous with E-Type UK: electronic fuel injection with larger throttle bodies, aluminium radiator and header tank and the all-important 12-branch tubular stainless steel sports exhaust system to allow the V12 to breath and deliver the required power efficiently.

Having developed systems for a number of years, the Kent based company are now recognised as experts in electronic fuel injection for classics such as the E-Type. Improved performance, reliability and eco-efficiency are but a number of important factors influencing the upgrades being implemented.

E-Type Series 3 2+2 Restoration
E-Type Series 3 2+2 Restoration


Following the near perfect body restoration, the suspension has been given a much higher spec application, with an all-round adjustable set up fitted, allowing the driver a choice of use in varied environments.

Sports torsion bars, anti-roll bar and sturdier bushes have transformed the sometimes ‘ship at sea’ handling, into a more rigid and driver relative experience.


AP Racing brakes replace the stock units, with larger diameter discs, aluminium calipers and an increase from three to four pistons, increasing stopping power while reducing weight. 16-inch Turino wire wheels were chosen not only for aesthetics but also as they allow the fitment of modern tyres for improved traction, as well as reducing corner weight further due to aluminium rims and stronger stainless-steel spokes than standard units.

Gearbox and Infotainment

The gearbox has been given a major overhaul with a revised drivetrain, allowing motorway, country and the dreaded city driving seamless transition. The Oxblood Red cabin area includes a 15-inch wooden steering wheel to make the most of the car’s spritely handling, bespoke classically-styled inertia reel seat belts for improved comfort and safety, and an LED dash light conversion to improve visibility on evening drives.

Paying hommage to the car’s integrity, a period style stereo system has been fitted, hiding full modern internals including Bluetooth capability.