Stunning Lloyd LT600 ‘Pan Am’ Travels 14Km And Drops £20k In Value

Lloyd LT600
Lloyd LT600 Kombi 'Pan Am'

An extremely rare 1960 Lloyd LT600 Kombi Van ‘Pan American World Airways Transporter’ sold for £22,996 over the weekend after making nearly twice that only seven years previously.

The delightful LT600 previously featured in the ABC television series ‘Pan Am’ and was produced by a company founded in 1908 and owned by Norddeutsche Lloyd Shipping Lines, Lloyd became the brand name of Norddeutsche Automobile und Motoren GmbH, of Bremen, Germany.

Lloyd Motoren Werke were beginning to compete with the likes of Volkswagen and Opel by the 1950s but sadly the company had their price-point too far south, leading to their viable, inexpensive, small cars not bringing home the profits for the business to survive. Lloyd never gained a foothold in the market, and by 1963, the company was bankrupt.

Lloyd LT600

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Powered by a small 596 cc four-stroke engine and modern front-wheel-drive system, the later Lloyd LT600 models could reach the dizzy heights of 53 mph. Their affordability and utilitarian usability meant they were popular vehicles for passenger and freight transportation at various airports.

Lloyd LT600

At the airports, they would carry first-class passengers from one terminal to the next for connecting flights, hence the Pan American World Airlines livery. Notably, this specific car was also used on the ABC hit TV series ‘Pan Am’.

This particular vehicle was previously restored to an outstanding level and was previously sold in 2013 for nearly $50,000 with 22878 km recorded on its odometer. Fast forward seven years and the near-perfectly formed Lloyd LT600 has travelled only 14 km, shedding around $20,000 on its way – that’s a loss of approximately $1,500 every km.

Within the last year, the Lloyd has been successfully shown at events such as The Concours on the Avenue in Carmel, California, where it garnered the prestigious Carmel Foundation Award, and at the Glenmoor Gathering in Canton, Ohio, where it was also received with great pleasure.

Regardless of cost, this is a beautiful addition to any classic collection and remains one of the most interesting and quirky machines developed.

Images courtesy RM Sotheby’s


  1. This is actually an LT600. The LS600 is the smaller sedan in station wagon form. It’s a great little transporter, though.

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