Stunning Porsche 356 Outlaw ‘Speed Yellow’ Is Now Fully Fledged

Porsche 356 Outlaw 'Speed Yellow'

Those talented guys over at Emory Motorsports have been upsetting the Porsche purists again – this time it’s a stunning 1958 Porsche 356 Outlaw ‘Speed Yellow’, built with a sprinkling of competitive spirit those early GT cars had in spades.

The Porsche 356 has long been a classic automotive icon with almost any and every example being deemed a candidate for some kind of restoration or elaborate customisation by those who believe themselves skilled enough to take on what usually turns out to be an insurmountable challenge.

Several decades ago Porsche ‘Outlaw’ builds began emerging from Southern California’s vibrant 356 community with the likes Rod Emory and others personalising their own rides and recreating something that has their own unique personality and individuality stamped on it.

After looking at the existing Porsche marketplace, Rod and his wife, Amy decided to form Emory Motorsports in 1996 with a simple goal in mind – to build the most iconic, yet personalized Porsche 356s on the planet and to deliver a customer experience unlike any other.

Porsche 356 Outlaw 'Speed Yellow'

Porsche 356 Outlaw

From the owner’s bespoke requirements to final completion, each and every stage of an Emory Motorsports build is scrutinised by Rod and his team of experts who utilise a unique set of fabrication skills on a journey to produce the one-off creation – each Emory ‘Special’ is a masterpiece that will never be recreated or expressed in the same way again.

All changes are subtle and proportional with all modifications unique to the Porsche being worked on at any given point in time. Every Special is also outfitted with an Emory-Rothsport Outlaw-4 engine, based on the 3.6-litre dry-sump engine architecture from the Type 964, as standard equipment.

Rod Emory, Emory Motorsports:
I want to build cars in the way that I want — some are going to love it and some are going to hate it, but at the end of the day, I think people will appreciate it no matter what because of the level of detail, workmanship and craftsmanship that went into making it

The gleaming 1958 Porsche 356 Special ‘Speed Yellow’ coupe was finally completed in late December 2020 and weighs in at only 2,000 pounds with its 2.6-litre Emory-Rothsport “Outlaw-4” electronic fuel injection (EFI) engine producing 260hp.

*Breathes a sigh of relief and shouts quietly, ‘at least its not electric’…

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Tech Spec

Engine: 2.6-liter Emory-Rothsport “Outlaw-4” EFI engine
• 260 hp
• Full-flow oil system with remote filter and cooler
• Motec-controlled coil-on-twin-plug ignition with cam sensor
• Custom 911 sport muffler
• Custom stainless headers with heater boxes

Transmission: 901 aluminium case 5-speed

Brakes: Proprietary 4-wheel disc

Wheels: Custom 15 x 6 billet alloy wheels with powder-coated satin black finish
• Radial-brushed faux brake hubs

Tyres: Dunlop 205/55-16

Suspension: 901 independent rear suspension with custom-narrowed trailing arms.
• Koni adjustable shocks
• Front and rear sway bars
• Rack and Pinion Steering

Body: Porsche Speed Yellow
• Pronounced B-pillar modification with custom quarter window
• Hood handle delete
• Body-hugging bumpers
• Reverse-louvered deck lid
• Louvered oil cooler doors on the rear quarter panel
• GT-style mirror
• Competition fuel filler with a twist-off cap
• Front air inlets ducted to front brakes
• Horn grill delete

Photos by Garbage Dream Studio