Sunderland & District Classic Vehicle End Of Year Show 2017

Sunderland & District Classic Vehicle
Sunderland & District Classic Vehicle Society End Of Year Show 2017

From a classic car perspective, Sunderland & District Classic Vehicle Society End Of Year Show provided everything except the weather. It must be said there was yet another exceptional turn-out from an enthusiastic ‘them up North’ crowd, who seem to embrace the coming winter like polar bears.

The cure for a night before?

Weather declining rapidly and clocks already wound back a full hour, Sunday was the only light at the end of a pretty dismal week for myself. So, yes I decided it was time to stretch my slightly tired legs and visit our last in the classic local calendar event list, Sunderland & District Classic Vehicle Show.

Classic Location

The classic location this time was Ryhope Engines Museum, based on the Ryhope Pumping Station which was built in 1868 to supply water to the Sunderland area. The station ceased operation in 1967 – after 100 years of continuous use.

The Museum is now regarded as one of the finest industrial monuments in the North East of England, and is in a Grade II (starred) listed building. Although the station no longer pumps water, the two 100 horsepower beam engines are kept in working order by volunteer members of the Ryhope Engines Trust, and ‘steamed’ periodically for the benefit of our visitors.

Busy Grounds

Rain clouds dispersed, I decided my moment had arrived to gain access to the busy grounds of activity. Not so easy! Dancing quick step around what seemed a constant barrage of historic motor cycles, my goal was achieved. Entry was free and the exhibitors were spread around 5 main dōjōs of interest, beginning with the watering hole and gathering place for anoraks like myself to meet and feed.

The Blacksmiths area seemed to be the hot-spot for motorcycle exhibits, with some outstanding units on display. A 1921 Brough Superior was the vintage magnet for those two-wheeled guru’s, made by George Brough in his Brough Superior works on Haydn Road in Nottingham, England, from 1919 to 1940. These things were dubbed the “Rolls-Royce of Motorcycles” by H. D. Teague of The Motor Cycle newspaper, this one certainly had presence.

Brough Superior
1921 Brough Superior


Shutter working swiftly on my already low battery iPhone 6, my spying eyes were once again drawn to the commercial area. Some great vehicles on show, including a spectacular 1968 Bedford, 1963 BMC in glorious maroon, 1958 Karrier and of course the obligatory Scammell.

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Rain now superseded by the cold wind, the next pathway was flanked by a good solid range of the now popular classics regularly displayed at these popular events. Leading the lines were a pair of gorgeous Zodiacs, 1962 / 63 respectively. Another noteworthy mention was a silver Golf MK1 Cabriolet, which unfortunately seemed to be the only Volkswagen representative on guard. You can view the car below in our gallery.

Ford Contingency

As ever the Ford contingency had turned out heavy, but quality numbers, with a Daytona yellow MK3 Cortina peacocking ostentatiously next to central moat area. Standing next to that, proud like a father figure was a very clean MK2 Granada.

Rising classic prices has seen a massive increase in popularity for the ‘poor man’s’ earner, notably the Ford Escort. The SDCV end of year show was no different, with a vast array of these little scorchers, including a ‘standard’ 1983 Black RS 1600 littering the now over populated show-field.

Ford RS 1600
Top Quality Ford RS 1600 & Daytona Yellow Ford Cortina GT

Sunderland & District Classic Vehicle – Car Of The Show

Opinions are varied, and normally a difficult shout with so many great vehicles on show, but the Car of the Show must go to a car that stood out like a water melon in a desert – A 1972 Mk1 Ford Capri 3000E.

With a ‘Concours d’Elegance’ look and smell, this car is in absolutely pristine condition. As the eye watering under-bonnet tour began, one could only smile in stupidity as the glistening strut tops seemed to smile at the jaw-dropping public, saying ‘look at us eh’. Yes this car certainly has that elusive X-Factor we all look for in a classic car outing, purchase or restoration outcome.

Powered by an Essex V6, the 3 litre power-plant has also got the balls to back up it’s shining exterior. The rear is a mouthful too, with those lush light clusters that always seem to make the MK1 smirk discretely at it’s looming tail-gaters.

Sunderland & District Classic Vehicle
Car of the Show – 1972 Mk1 Ford Capri 3000E

Final Thoughts

Final thoughts on this great end of year show, are once again to deliver well earned praise to those who donate time and patience when organising these events. There are very few ‘free’ events nowadays, if ticket prices are implemented for any future outings then so be it. After all it is extremely difficult to price enjoyment ……….

The full CCC Gallery is below – Click The Images For Full Listing
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