The AC Cobra ‘Updated For A New Age’ Is Now Available

AC Cobra Series 4–electric
AC Cobra Series 4–electric

The AC Cobra Series 4 electric or ‘AC Superblower updated for the new world’ has finally arrived and it’s got style, heritage, bags of performance – best of all it’s totally emissions-free…

As a natural and modern progression to this exciting new supercar, the AC Cobra Series 4 electric, is none other than the much-loved AC Cobra 378 Superblower MkIV, the launch of which was a famous steppingstone on AC’s road to recovery and revival.

The company has said there are two versions of the AC Cobra Series 4-electric available, priced at £148,000, plus any on-the-road charges which aren’t too bad in the big scheme of EVs out there. The spritely 230kW version delivers 0-62mph in 4.9 seconds, has an estimated range of 190 miles and weighs just 1,190kg fully clothed.

AC Cobra Series 4–electric

In contrast, the 460kW version, priced at £168,000 plus any on-the-road charges, achieves 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds, has an estimated range of over 160 miles and a weight of 1,240kg. Whether a full £28K is a good trade-off for a full 1.1 seconds acceleration and a diet is debatable.

That said, the light-weighting process AC Cars provides isn’t always available from its competitors and does guarantee exceptional on-the-road performance and a memorable driving experience for the Series 4–electric.

Working in close synergy with Derby-based technical partner Falcon Electric, AC has integrated a new power system describing the partnership as “Passion and emotion drive us, electricity and innovation drive our vehicles.”

AC Cobra Series 4 electric
AC Cobra Series 4-electric
Alan Lubinsky:
The march of the outstandingly efficient electric AC Cobras is gathering pace now

Eliminating excess weight brings with it positive benefits for the car’s owner. Lower overall weight reduces energy consumption, allowing the batteries to deliver a longer range and the ability to drive the car to AC’s traditionally high standards for speed and acceleration which the marque has achieved over many years

If you’re on the lookout for a stylish and retro classic roadster with power, reservations are now being taken on the AC Cars website or via email at, and the first customer deliveries of the car are expected in late 2021.

These are new models in the growing electric AC Cobra range which come in an exclusive palette of specially created colours.

Separately, AC Cars have announced that its AC Cobra Superblower is now being fitted with an eye-watering 6.2 litre V8 650 bhp, 880 Nm torque engine, as against the previous version of 6.2 litre V8 580 bhp 550 Nm torque engine. The price of the AC Cobra Superblower is £139,500.

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