The E-Type Has Languished Too Long – Refurbishment Begins

E-Type Restoration
The E-Type refurbishment has eventually started

The time has eventually arrived! My Jaguar E-Type Series 3 has languished in the garage too long, other cars have taken priority but now with ‘others’ running nicely and some big jobs at work coming to an end, I am finally going to sort the E!

My 1972 Jaguar E-Type Series 3 V12 2+2 Manual was for sale at the 2002 Poole Bay Classics car show at Breamore House, we went there in one of the old cars and XGR 440L was next to us when we parked up. Surprisingly it wasn’t my dad who brought it but my mum who spotted it and made the deal, dad was still debating whether he liked the V12 or not.

Before the days of google images on your phone, when a friend asked dad what the car looked like he went into the cellar and looking through his photo albums he found a picture of a red E Type V12 at the 1997 Bovington Show, close inspection and that picture was XGR 440L!

Home it came, the third E Type to belong to the Fryer family and fittingly owned in the correct order after Series 1 and 2. She had clearly been off the road for a while and badly put back on. Definitely cherished in the past as she came with a huge history folder and valuation certificates from the Jaguar Drivers Club every year until around 1999.

She was last on the road in 2005, taken off because she was in need of work and we didn’t have much storage at home as much needed building work was being done to the family house so she has put in storage the other side of Salisbury, started occasionally but wrongly left. When dad died we brought her home and I have been waiting 12 years to finally bring her back to where an E Type should be; the road.

Jaguar E-Type
The joys of restoration begin with a clutch failure

Jaguar E-Type – First Job

The first job, getting it to the workshop. This should have been the most straight forward part of the restoration after all XGR 440L still started and drove. The day came and the battery was flat, brakes sticking I was not going to be defeated now and I pushed it out of the garage myself (my back still hurts).

Waiting all day for the transporter, it arrives and does not fit down our drive! I was not expecting this at all! Our drive is narrow I appreciate but we’ve not gotten a vehicle down it, but there was no denying it, without scratching the cab horrendously it was not coming down. So I thought why not drive the E up to the road and load it on there?

Started up (with the booster pack I now had) and moved forward about 2 feet and it stopped, the clutch had failed!

Day 2, after a night left stranded in the middle of the drive, a different (smaller) transporter, extra helpers to push the car into a position she was away and over the workshop. So onto the second Job, making it move!

The first money spent on the car in 15 years was a new clutch slave cylinder and hose, surprisingly awkward to fit and bleed but along with new copper piping, XGR 440L can move under her own power.

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Assessing the work, considering she runs and drives there’s a lot. The engine needs a good service, tune and clean! The coolant system is shot. Brakes are in need of an overhaul and the suspension deserves to be treated to some nice poly bushes. And of course the tyres. The most concerning thing with all this work, of course, is that the car is technically MOT free… The one good thing, however, is the presence of a stainless steel exhaust system.

The bonnet of the Jaguar E-Type makes up a good percentage of the overall car, off it comes and onward with the next stage; Engine. To be continued…

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