The Mini Remastered Oselli Edition Looks Sharp As A Dart

Mini Remastered Oselli Edition
Mini Remastered Oselli Edition

The latest Mini Remastered Oselli Edition has been unveiled to the public and the high-performance city classic looks sharp as a dart.

You may remember the earlier and less ostentatious ‘Mini Remastered’ version of this snazzy pocket rocket that rattled many a classic flat cap with its £90K price tag. This week saw David Brown Automotive reveal the Mini Remastered Oselli Edition, described as a one-of-a-kind performance version of the celebrated icon.

Similar to its elder brother, the highly tuned Mini Remastered is to be produced on a limited production run of 60 cars to mark the first Mini launching in 1959. Working in synergy with classic car performance specialist Oselli, the performance-enhanced Mini Remastered Oselli Edition will offer its customers a powertrain developed by the Milton Keynes based company, with other tuning upgrades thrown into the high-performance mix.

The fiesty 1,420cc Stage 3 engine will work in close partnership with a remastered five-speed gearbox delivering around 40% more power than the original A-series engine, delivering in excess of 100bhp. Exhaust system and air intake will be specially engineered to manage the higher power output.

Mini Remastered Oselli Edition
Mini Remastered Oselli Edition

David Brown, company founder and CEO said:
“This exciting new performance version of the Mini Remastered is a step forward for our company.

“We are thrilled to be working with Oselli and this partnership sets a marker of intent for our ambitions in the performance car sector. We are sure this Oselli Edition will prove a hit with customers looking for a fast classic car, with the Mini Remastered proving so popular in its own right and the ideal platform for performance enhancements.”

Uprated chassis and suspension improvements that included adjustable SPAX performance dampers, point firmly towards a ‘race-ready’ unit with the emphasis on ‘driving experience’. A race-spec brake kit arrives in the shape of larger brake discs and four-pot calipers to the front, whilst still retaining those trusty alloy brake drums on the rear.

Tyres are wider than the standard version and fitted to 7J x 13-inch Enkei alloy wheels, finished in gold or silver. The wheels are wider and larger in diameter compared to the standard wheels in order to accommodate the larger brakes.

Styling – Mini Remastered Oselli Edition

Styling is sharp and fits the highly-tuned character of the car with potential customers having the choice of two outfits; either a primary body colour in off-white paint or dark grey and a choice of a three-tier full-length racing stripe and side accents in either Crimson, Royal Blue or Racing Green. Rear light clusters have been ‘down-blinged’ from jewel-like framed bespoke aluminium surrounds of the earlier Remastered, to a more ‘sporty’ black feel.

Mini Remastered Oselli Edition
Mini Remastered Oselli Edition

The cast alloy engine cover will be painted to match the exterior stripe and fitted with a unique build plate. Brightware will be darkened in order to reflect the performance feel over the model, to include black wheel arches, black mirrors (including interior mirror) and door handles.

A mesh grille with two strategically positioned white LED spotlights adds to the sporty theme of Mini Remastered Oselli Edition, while the build number is painted onto the grille and on the rear of the car. A monotone bonnet badge denotes the car’s performance ability, a hint to lineage introduced by David Brown Automotive with the same feature on the Speedback Silverstone Edition.


The internals can be either as a two-seater with a rear hand-trimmed roll cage or as a four-seater car, featuring accent colours to match the chosen racing stripe colour and black accents. The two-seater version boasts hand-trimmed bucket seats and a half-leather roll cage with rear-seat storage and can be equipped with a four-point harness by Sabelt, available in a number of colours.

Mini Remastered Oselli Edition
Mini Remastered Oselli Edition

The build number can be displayed on the glove compartment surface, and the steering wheel will be hand-trimmed and finished in Sabalt Alacantara material.

The racing pedigree theme takes presidence once again as the company is also offering a number of personalised matching race suits and helmets as optional extras for owners of the new edition.

Mini Remastered Oselli Edition – Price

Whilst pre-orders are open now for the Mini Remastered Oselli Edition, first deliveries are scheduled for next year, with the four-seater version of the car priced from £98,000.00, while the two-seater car – complete with hand-trimmed roll cage – will cost from £108,000.00 (both prices excluding taxes).

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