The Octogenarian With A Porsche For Every Year He’s Been Alive

Porsche Collection - Ottocar

Proud octogenarian, Ottocar J. has accumulated a Porsche collection to match every year of his life – 80 in total, and he’s vowed to carry on until the end…

Porsche devotee, Ottocar stands next to his latest German acquisition, a new Boxster Spyder which he collected in person from the factory in Zuffenhausen. Not for the first time either with his first trip being way back in 1977 when he picked up a 911 Carrera 3.0. Today, 43 years later, he is taking home his 80th Porsche, and this time it is Miami Blue.

Such is the importance of this anniversary, personal congratulations were given from Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, Chairman of the Supervisory Board with the Porsche Community Management team allowing Ottocar to affix the Porsche Crest on the bonnet himself… the first time this has ever happened.

Ottocar - Porsche Boxster Spyder

Among the rarities and dedication to motorsport, Ottocar also owns a 917, a 910 with a rare eight-cylinder engine, and a 956, not to mention a 904 with its original Fuhrmann engine and a 964 Cup. All the cars are roadworthy and he regularly takes part in classic racing events with the 917. The winner’s wreath from this year’s Ventilspiel race lies on the vehicle as a trophy.

Porsche Collection

Every great collection deserves an even greater workshop in which to showcase them. The backdrop for the vehicles owned by the Viennese native is just as fascinating as the vehicles themselves with a separate building or ‘living room‘ as he affectionately calls it, housing his pride and joy.

Visitors can stroll past shop entrances, workshop doors, display windows, advertising signs, and even a cinema that is previewing none other than Steve McQueen’s epic film ‘Le Mans’.

The room is also decorated with numerous cups, posters, components, trophies, racing mementos, events and Porsche Club meets. You can sense that Ottocar is just as at home in the global world of Porsche as he is here, in his very own world of Porsche.

Living Room

Vehicles are lined up on both sides: on the left are the racing cars, in ascending order up to a 993 911 Turbo S and a Type 997 911 GT2 RS; the cars on the right start with a Jagdwagen military vehicle, an early 356 Coupé with bent windscreen, and then several early 911, 911 RS 2.7, and a row of 930 Turbo and Turbo-look models in the Coupé, Targa and Cabriolet variants, as well as a G-model Speedster.

Porsche Collection

As incredible as this collection is, Ottocar much prefers sitting behind the wheel to being among his cars – because driving is the most important for the spritely 80-year-old. He is regularly out and about with nine of his vehicles, including a 911 R, a Type 991 911 Speedster, and two Boxster Spyders from the last two generations. The Austrian will not name a favorite car, but he chooses the Type 981 Boxster Spyder for many of his outings.


Ottocar said:
Without the people, cars are just cars. It is people who breathe life into them.

When you are 80-years-old, you don’t think so much about the past anymore but more about the future. You look forward to things that are still to come. Since I bought my first Porsche in 1972, that anniversary will be 2022. So the circle from the past to the present is complete. Because that is how everything began.

Courtesy of Porsche

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