‘The Prisoner’ Mini Moke Is Up For Sale And Its Pretty Famous

The Prisoner - Mini Moke

This is the Mini Moke that featured in the 1960s hit series called ‘The Prisoner’ with Bond-like Patrick McGoohan refusing to be broken by those trying to squeeze endless amounts of information out of him… Confused? You should be, that’s what ‘Number Six’ (McGoohan) wanted you to be.

Moving on, HLT 709C, complete with its multi-coloured vinyl roof, is one of the two surviving Mokes that were used in the ‘Cult’ TV series starring Patrick McGoohan, and it’s being offered sale at The NEC Classic Motor Show Sale, Saturday 13th November 2021 at 14:00hrs by Silverstone Auctions.

Released in 1967, the series was first aired in Canada, then the UK and starred the moody ‘Number Six’ who was even in the melting pot for the lead role, James Bond in Dr. No. The series follows a British former secret agent who is abducted and imprisoned in a mysterious coastal village resort, where his oppressors try their utmost to extract information as to why he abruptly resigned from his spy agency.

The Prisoner - Mini Moke

Wood and Pickett

Initially, four Mini Mokes were converted for the 17-part series by Wood and Pickett with CFC 916C and HLT 709C both involved in the filming (the first having been owned by Max Hora the once proprietor of the Prisoner shop at Portmeirion); however HLT is the only one that was, beyond any doubt, featured on screen.

Following the conclusion of the series, the ‘fantastic four’ Mokes made a sharp exit with HLT spotted in Sheffield of all places and subsequently on another spy mission in the Netherlands. Fast forward some years and the car became a barn find in Holland and returned to Blighty where it was sold at auction in 2015.

The Prisoner - Mini Moke

Phil Caunt together with his friend and fellow Moke enthusiast Jeremy Guy decided it was time to give the little Moke some TLC and set about restoring the screen star to its former glory.

“The Chassis (Bodyshell) was substantially rotten when discovered in 2011, During my restoration as much of the original shell as possible, including the bulkhead, was built into the replacement panels that make up the bodyshell, as well as the front bulkhead, the windscreen frame, bonnet, cross-member, 2 seats, dash, and other parts were repaired and used.

“The roof frame is original but the back vertical frame is a replacement, obviously, all the vinyl has been replaced (I had to have this printed myself as no one supplies it anymore). The number plates are original from 1965 as is the iconic Penny Farthing logo on the bonnet”

The Prisoner

While there has been a number of replica ‘Prisoner’ Mokes built in recent years, ‘HLT’ is the real deal and was unveiled, fittingly, in September 2017 at Network’s “Fall In” 50th Anniversary event in Portmeirion.

The fascinating Moke with a Bond-like backstory has been well covered in the motoring press including a multi-page feature in ‘Mini World’ magazine and a six-page article in ‘Classic & Sportscar’ including various other magazine articles.

The Prisoner - Mini Moke

Fancy a slice of history?

The 1965 Mini Moke is being offered by Silverstone and will most likely cost around the £20k mark which is good value for a car that’s been driven by a British former secret agent in a series many call the best of 1967…

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