The Škoda 935 Dynamic Is The Best Looking 85 Year Old Ever

Škoda 935 Dynamic
Škoda 935 Dynamic

Škoda is celebrating 125 years of automotive history this year and we look back at the amazing and only Škoda 935 Dynamic prototype ever built.

Sold to a private owner and subsequently re-purchased by the brand in 1968, the car was one of the first to be installed into the company’s museum and is testament to the marques innovative thinking back in the early 30s.

Škoda 935 Dynamic

The magnificent Škoda 935 Dynamic prototype is the only one ever produced and was intended for further research and development after premiering at the 1935 Prague Motor Show. Its ‘Tatra’ like teardrop styling was an automotive sensation and to this day remains a seductive classic.

Škoda 935 Dynamic

Following the re-purchase of the 935, restoration work was finally undertaken in 2012 and the 6 years painstaking job saw the whole car dismantled and given a complete ‘nut and bolt’ rebuild. The engine was overhauled and remains the stock 2.0-litre flat-four unit that delivers a sniff under 55hp.

The car has remained almost completely authentic, with only the paint and dashboard differing from the 1935 original. A small section of original paint on the inner side of one pillar helped to match the proper shade of grey, while the dashboard and other parts of the car were restored using period photos.

Škoda 935 Dynamic

The water-cooled power plant resides in front of the rear axle assemble and therefore technically speaking, makes the 935 a ‘mid-engined’ with easy access achieved by removing the rear seating back restraint.

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Škoda 935 Dynamic

Futuristic thinking didn’t stop there with independent suspension on all four corners using swing axles, which were something only found on the luxurious Tatra, rewarding its passengers with outstanding style and comfort.

Remarkably the aerodynamics were so good, the two-litre, flat-four engine with an output of just 55 hp (40.5 kW) was able to travel at speeds of around 85mph on the less busy highways – impressive for a heavy machine weighing in at 1170 kg.

Škoda 935 Dynamic

Streamlined and alluring like no other of its day, the wonderful 935 Dynamic is showcased at the Škoda Museum and still commands attention from even the most critical of enthusiasts and their trusty magnifying glass.

The then chief designer Karel Hrdlička noted in his diary on March 25, 1936:
We will make the 935 lighter and convert it into a rally vehicle for Pohl – maybe with a supercharger?

In April 1936 the drawing of a sporty two-seater was made Rally version actually built, but never used in racing.

Technical Specification:

Width: 1680mm
Length: 4860mm
Height: 1540mm
Kerb weight: 1170 kg
Top Speed: 85mph

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