The Volvo P1800 Cyan Has Been Revealed And It Looks Amazing

Volvo P1800 Cyan
Volvo P1800 Cyan

Cyan Racing has revealed their Volvo P1800 Cyan and interpretation of the iconic ‘Saintly’ Volvo sports car from the sixties looks absolutely stunning.

Faultlessly stylish, the iconic Swedish sports coupe is sixty years old this year and was released a year before the Jaguar E-Type, two years before the Ferrari 250 GTO and three years before the Porsche 911.

Whilst the design of original Volvo P1800 is undoubtedly timeless, Cyan Racing decided it was time to embrace history and also bring the desirable classic into the 21st century without compromising the appeal and aesthetics of the car.

Christian Dahl, CEO and founder of Cyan Racing:
“The first Volvo P1800 Cyan carries our blue and yellow racing colours to mark our heritage.

“The Jaguar, the Ferrari and the Porsche are all cars with a continuation.

“That left us with inspiration to create what could have been if we as a race team had been there during the sixties, racing the P1800, and got to design a road version of our race car.

“We have done that before with three of our race cars, the Volvo C30, the Volvo S60, when we were known as Polestar, and last year the Lynk & Co 03 Cyan. The Volvo P1800 Cyan is our interpretation of what could have been.

“Obviously we could have built an electric Volvo P1800 filled with all the latest technology, comfort and luxury. But that was not what we wanted,” said Christian Dahl.

“Amid this paradigm shift, we decided to slow down time and freeze a part of it in our own time capsule. To take the best from the golden sixties and combine it with our capabilities of today, keeping a pure yet refined driving experience.

“The Volvo P1800 Cyan is the result of an advanced engineering process, involving many of the same talents who designed, built and developed our world title-winning Volvo S60 TC1 Cyan.”

Volvo P1800 Cyan
Volvo P1800 Cyan

While creating the Volvo tenacious P1800 Cyan, the team behind it decided to treat the design and engineering of the sixties with care, retaining the stylish looks of an Italian Gran Turismo and glamour of a British cult sports car.

The Volvo P1800 Cyan began its life as a 1964 Volvo P1800 that has been refined and reinforced utilising high-strength steel and carbon fibre.

This process is a key part to enable low weight and high responsiveness, with the car weighing just 990 kilos.

Power Unit / Transmission

The two-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine is based on the same engine as used in the world title-winning Volvo S60 TC1 race car, producing 420 horsepower and 455Nm of torque, with a redline at 7700 rpm.

A five-speed bespoke Holinger gearbox has been selected to carry the mechanical feeling of the original Volvo P1800 but with greater gear change precision and capability of handling the increased torque.

The original Volvo P1800 live rear axle is replaced with a Cyan-designed independent rear suspension.

A key part to the engaging rear-wheel-drive experience is the torque-biasing limited-slip differential. The differential is mounted in a Holinger housing with unique gears in order to combine capable performance on a circuit with civilised behaviour for road use.

Volvo P1800 Cyan
Volvo P1800 Cyan
Mattias Evensson:
“A vital part of the project was to reconnect with our first road car.

“We wanted to carry over some of the driving feeling and performance availability from that car and it has been thoroughly useful throughout the development process.”

Pricing and individual specification are available for prospective clients.


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