Theon’s Reimagined Bespoke Porsche 911 Is A Purists Dream

Theon Porsche 911

We all love a Porsche 911, right? Well, Theon Design has revealed its latest bespoke commission, a fully restored and enhanced example of the Porsche 911 (964) and it looks stunning…

lifelong Porsche fan, Adam Hawley and his skilled team of experts in Oxfordshire have created their third exclusive car from the company and the second to be destined for Hong Kong. The company prides itself on enhancing the iconic Porsche 911 experience and taking it to a different level in relation to style, interior trim, finish and convenience, performance, ride, handling, and driver engagement as well as useability.

In short, the cars are created to be driven and not garage queens like many others.

Theon Porsche 911

Paying strict attention to detail and Porsche’s heritage, methodology, and engineering ethos, Hawley and his crew distill and enhance the essence of the air-cooled 911, making each car lighter, more powerful, and even more visceral to drive.

The brainchild of Adam Hawley, a Porsche obsessive and expert car designer with over two decades of automotive design experience, Theon prides itself on its design-led approach. Hawley has worked for a range of prestigious OEMs, including BMW, JLR, Lexus, and Lotus, on both concept and production cars – as well as designing for Airbus on the A380.

Theon Porsche 911

Hawley said:
“I always wanted to own a 911 that was a little bit different; to create a car using the design, material, and prototyping skills I acquired over the twenty years I spent in the automotive industry.

“My goal was to enhance a classic Porsche, applying an OEM- like approach with Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and manufacture to ensure the highest possible quality and finish. Finally, I was determined to honor Stuttgart’s legendary heritage and engineering ethos, with a focus on lightweight construction, enhanced performance, and ultra-precise and engaging driving dynamics.

“Our philosophy is that every detail matters and that goes for beneath the skin too. An owner may not see 90 percent of the car, but the same level of attention to detail goes right the way through, regardless. We treat every single component as an ‘A-surface’.”

The company is named after Hawley’s youngest son, Theo, who, as a toddler, became obsessed with the car his father had built and happily forsook his toys to spend as much time as possible inside the cabin.

Located in the UK’s ‘Motorsport Valley’ – the global home of F1 and heartland of precision auto and racing technology companies and technicians – Theon Design is ideally positioned to enable Hawley to assemble a small team of highly dedicated and passionate engineers, and to establish relationships with a select number of nearby trusted and talented suppliers.

Theon Porsche 911

Theon Design

Each component is digitised and modeled in 3D design software. This approach maximizes precision and panel fit – and also gives Theon the flexibility to ensure each car is unique, enabling it to tailor details to each customer’s individual specification.

Digital scanning is used to create molds and formers for the bespoke body – which incorporates the ‘long hood’ of early generation 911s with arches inspired by the ST and later widebody G Series/964 models – with the modified panels hand-beaten to perfection.

Theon Porsche 911

HK002’s body is predominantly steel, augmented by bumpers and a spoiler manufactured in carbon fiber by an F1 supplier. Theon will also undertake full-body commissions in carbon fiber, should customers desire.

Further complimenting the design are electrically adjustable, machined billet aluminum mirrors inspired by Porsche’s 2018 991 Speedster concept. This last detail perfectly encapsulates Theon’s unique approach of taking inspiration from every Porsche era.

If you thought it might be expensive, you’d be on the money with prices for Theon Design commissions starting at an eye-watering £300,000. That said, each car is a totally unique collaboration with the customer and takes 18 months to build.

Images courtesy Theon and Dean Smith.

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