This Amazing Bugatti Type 35 D Took Five Years To Build

Bugatti Type 35 D
Bugatti Type 35 D

This is the latest reimagining of the legendary and without doubt most iconic, eligible and rewarding pre-war race cars ever to exist – the Bugatti Type 35. Its been created by the talented guys over at Uedelhoven Studios, who are responsible for projects including the Koenigsegg Gemera, Hyundai Prophecy Concept and Audi AI-TRAIL quattro Concept vehicles.

The Bugatti Type 35 D began its futuristic life back some 5 years ago in 2015 when the German design and engineering company decided it was time to breathe new life into the 1920s racer.

Whilst back in the day the Type 35 was a technical masterpiece, boasting an engine that could run at speeds of up to 6,000 rpm to power the eight pistons, the latest version has a more refined look and feel about its ‘low slung’ tenacious presence.


Drawing inspiration and obvious references from its elder brother, the Type 35 D is of lightweight construction and sleek in its design qualities although the wheels and tyres resemble a much wider 245/40/18 profile snuggly fitted onto modern alloy wheels.

Bugatti Type 35 D

The obligatory historic Bugatti ‘Macaron’ still resides to the top of the instantly recognisable horseshoe grille, albeit of alloy construction. The suspension is modern and independent with supporting arms and load-bearing points utilising alloy wherever possible in keeping with Ettore Bugatti’s constant strive for lightweight perfection.

The cockpit retains a simplistic design with a hand-stitched leather-clad seating area, steering wheel, centre console and door cards all dressed in light tan which compliments the usual Bugatti blue.

Type 35 D – Electric?

Early days saw the Type 35 beginning its life with a capacity of just 2.0 litres which at the time was one of the only cars capable of achieving such power. Thanks to other changes – such as using two carburettors instead of one – the car’s power increased to around 95 PS, which was transmitted by a wet multi-plate clutch.

Bugatti Type 35 D

The drive system in the first versions of the Type 35 was able to achieve speeds of over 190 km/h. The less expensive basic model, the 35A, was based on a 2.0-litre eight-cylinder engine with 75 PS. In its later iteration, the Type 35 B (which had a 2.3-litre eight-cylinder engine and compressor), the Bugatti’s power increased to up to 140 PS and its top speeds exceeded 215 km/h. As well as their incredible performance, the engines were primarily renowned for their reliability and endurance.

Bugatti Type 35 D

What will power the latest offering is yet to be decided but will probably (if it happens) resemble the Bugatti Baby system with its rear-wheel-drive battery-powered electric powertrain…

Images courtesy of Uedelhoven Studios.

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