This Extremely Rare Porsche 959 ‘F’ Series Prototype Is Up For Sale

Porsche 959 prototype

This extremely rare 1985 Porsche 959 prototype is the seventh of only twelve ever produced and one of only three still known to exist and it’s up for sale…

Manufactured from 1986 to 1993, the boisterous Porsche 959 is still recognised as being the proverbial ‘shit off a stick’ with just about every velocity guru awarding the 35-year-old twin-turbocharged muscle car 5 stars at any given opportunity.

While the 959 was unveiled to the world for the first time in its final production form in 1985, this particular car is one of the earliest development machines referenced as an ‘F-series’ prototype arriving before the ‘V-Series’ pre-production and ‘N-Series’ pilot vehicles. One of only two dressed in Ruby Red and being the seventh of only 12 ever built, the ‘F’ prototype is now extremely rare.

Porsche 959 prototype

The second Ruby Red 959 was F2 which, like the prototype F1, had no air intake ducts within its rear arches due to its earlier 1983-spec body shape, while F7 displayed more conventional 959 bodywork.

It’s reported that Prototype F7 was used for weather and electrical testing by Porsche on the U.S. West Coast and in Europe which is backed up by various shots in Jürgen Lewandowski’s book 959: The Art and Car, including one, situated next to a 911 with the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop.


Other photographs show the car with several different interior configurations, including having different seats fitted and an interior completely stripped of leather. During this time, the 959 was extensively used by Porsche engineers to ensure that the systems it tested would be ready for full production in the following months.

Most prototype vehicles owned by Porsche are sadly destroyed at the end of their testing period rather than being placed into storage or sold off to private customers, and this proved to be the case with the vast majority of the F-Series 959s.

Porsche 959 prototype

Bizarrely, F7 is one of a rare few that slipped through the net and subsequently returned to Stuttgart where it was retrimmed after testing. It is believed that at this point, noted Porsche importer and dealer Vasek Polak was made to purchase F7 along with its sister cars F6 and F9, under the premise that it would be fully restored, rebuilt, and converted to production specification to be sold as a customer car.

Porsche 959 prototype

Polak refused this and purchased the car outright, insisting that no work be done on the cars prior to him taking possession. As a result, Polak was required by Porsche to never sell, race, or register the car for road use unless it was fully refurbished by the factory. Under this agreement, F7 was imported to the U.S. for display purposes only, where it was then put on display at Polak’s headquarters in 1988.


Following a rich backstory tapestry that involved the car being shipped to Japan, the UK where it was registered, then finally in 2007 finding a new home and remaining mostly in static storage, the Porsche retains many of its original prototype features, differentiating it from its production brethren.

Mechatronik reports the car was then sold to a Swiss collector from which they acquired the 959 and urge any interested buyers to contact them via this link.

Images courtesy Mechatronik

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