This Incredible Renault 4 Quadcopter Doesn’t Need Roads

AIR4 - Renault 4
AIR4 - Renault 4

Forget your DJI Mavic, this incredible full-size Renault 4 quadcopter has everything you need for those perfect ‘hands-on’ cinematic shots…

It was Pierre Dreyfus, president of the Régie Nationale des Usines Renault, who in 1956 decided it was time for a ‘blue jeans’ car and came up with the quirky and now desirable Renault 4.

His dream was to produce something versatile, inexpensive, and fun, much like the now-familiar article of clothing which is worn the world over. A car that would match the changes in society that were being observed as the ‘60s gathered momentum.

Renault 4 Quadcopter

Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need… roads!
In celebration of its 60th birthday, the talented guys at TheArsenale came up with the mind-blowing idea of creating AIR4 which, much like any other drone or quadcopter, uses four double propellers instead of those round things that sometimes go flat.

AIR4 - Renault 4

While the AIR4 is made entirely of carbon fiber, it does retain the unmistakable lines and proportions of the R4 we all know and love. Maximum body rigidity was a prerequisite for withstanding thrust and climbing forces, which required intensive tests. Based on generative design techniques and artificial intelligence, the developers needed several terabytes of data for simulations in order to refine the concept before the first flight attempts were made.

Renault 4 Quadcopter

TheArsenale’s Patrice Meignan said:
I have dedicated my life to this passion for mobility and I continually explore all aspects of the moving world. After 25 years of forward-looking research, we believe that the icons of car culture are eternal, whether on Earth or in the air

The four double propellers at the corners of the vehicle enclose the centrally positioned cabin with the typical Renault 4 silhouette. The ‘pilot’ gains access to the interior by lifting the entire cockpit fixed to the front.

Renault 4 Quadcopter

Arnaud Belloni, Global Marketing Director of the Renault brand said:
At the end of the anniversary year, we wanted to create something unconventional to celebrate the 60th birthday of the 4L. Working with TheArsenale was a logical step. The flying AIR4 study is groundbreaking and a glimpse of what the icon could look like in another 60 years


The AIR4 is powered by lithium polymer batteries with a nominal capacity of almost 90,000 mAh and is capable of a maximum horizontal speed of 26 meters per second (m / s) at an incline of 45 degrees during flight.

This corresponds to almost 94 km / h. The Renault 4 quadcopter can also climb up to a height of 700 meters, the take-off speed is limited to 4 m / s for safety reasons.

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