This Is The Only Ascari FGT Prototype And It’s Up For Sale

Ascari FGT Prototype

This is the first and only Ascari FGT prototype, designed by Lee Noble – it served as an early version of the Ascari Ecosse and now it’s up for sale…

Not something you’re likely to see very often and the first car to bear the ‘Ascari’ name, it was designed by a certain Lee Noble, yes that fella from Noble Motorsport Ltd, who created a one-off prototype version of the FGT back in 1992. Noble was then approached by Ascari Cars following their acquisition of the blueprints and rights for the FGT two years later.

It was unveiled at the British International Motor Show in 1995 and was spotted by Dutch racing driver, Klaas Zwart, who reckoned the car had potential and decided to purchase the Ascari marque along with the rights to the FGT.

Ascari FGT Prototype

Powered by a Ford Modular V-8 engine, the FGT was then entered into the 1996 British GT Championship and was to lay the foundations for the better-known Ascari Ecosse. Unlike the Ecosse, the FGT featured pop-up headlamps, five-spoke alloy wheels, and a 6.0-litre fuel-injected Chevrolet V-8 engine.

Lee Noble has stated the car, which was registered for the road in June 1993, is the ‘only’ prototype version of this car ever made, hence the ‘designed by Lee Noble’ badge. Following the sale of the FGT concept to Ascari, this example was used as a promotional car in various Ascari brochures and advertisements, further to being driven by selected journalists in magazine road tests.

Ascari FGT Prototype

The FGT is reported to have resided in a farm building for 13 years when it was discovered by the current owner who purchased the car and set about a three-year recommissioning process, where the owner, alongside Lee Noble, worked together to restore the Ascari.

The Chevrolet V-8 engine and gearbox have been rebuilt, as well as replacing other components in order to get the vehicle back on the road. The fuel injection system has also been upgraded and a new MSD ECU was installed, resulting in a claimed 420 bhp power output.

Ascari FGT Prototype

The Ascari FGT prototype is being offered as part of RM Sotheby’s 15th annual London sale will include a host of rarities within a 40 car alongside lot list, alongside nine memorabilia lots, to be held in the capital at Waterloo place with live bidding on the 6th November.

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