This Lancia Flaminia Sport Series 1 Will Flirt With Your Eyes

Lancia Flaminia Sport
Lancia Flaminia Sport

Designed by Zagato, built by Zagato, owned by Zagato, and even successfully raced by Zagato – This Lancia Flaminia Sport Series 1 will flirt with your eyes.

The flirtatious Italian Flaminia made its first appearance in 1957 – 1970 and was instantly given the thumbs up by everyone who happened to catch a glimpse of this incredibly beautiful classic.

Powered by Lancia’s fiery V-6 engine, the Flaminia was available in several variations, including a saloon, coupe, cabriolet and was designed to replace the more ‘gentleman’ like Aurelia.

The more stylish sports version was born from an insatiable appetite, with Carrozzeria Zagato designing a fabulously elegant and aerodynamic lightweight aluminium body and the now instantly recognisable ‘double-bubble’ styling. This particular two-seater was built on the sportiest short-wheelbase GT chassis, retaining Lancias revered 2,458 cc V-6 engine which was designed by engineer Francesco De Virigilio.

Now the holy grail of Flaminia’s, these were built by Zagato with covered headlamps, giving the car a more tenacious and distinctive appearance, whilst also being the rarest and most sought-after of Flaminia’s.

Lancia Flaminia Sport
Lancia Flaminia Sport

The car is described as:
Chassis 824.02 1007 was produced in early 1959, with its Certificate of Origin being issued on 7th April. Interestingly, this series 1 Flaminia was first registered to the Milanese coachbuilder from where it was given its effortlessly elegant bodywork, Carrozzeria La Zagato S.R.L, and assigned the Italian license ‘MI 432532’.

Although not initially designed for competition, the Flaminia Sport did offer great sporting potential with its powerful and efficient Lancia V6 engine, and lightweight aerodynamic bodywork. With this in mind, Giovanni Rota purchased this car from Zagato, before competing at the 1960 Trento Bondone Hillclimb on 10th July. Period pictures included with the car confirm that at this very first event Rota was a serious competitor, having removed his bumpers to save weight, just as the car is presented today.

August 1960 saw this ‘double-bubble’ Flaminia Sport enter the Giro Automobilistico Dei Due Mari – Coppa Citta di Catanzaro, with ‘Conte Scanza’ as the driver, but who was ‘Conte Scanza’? From a letter within this car’s history file from the Automobile Club Catanzaro in early July 1960, we read that the club will accept the eldest son of Zagato founder Ugo Zagato, Elio Zagato, to compete under the alias ‘Conte Scanza’!

Lancia Flaminia Sport
Lancia Flaminia Sport

Wearing race number 490, Elio Zagato raced this car at the 1960 Giro Automobilistico Dei Due Mari, with the iconic ‘double-bubble’ coachwork from his father’s company, La Zagato! At the end of the event, Elio Zagato won his class, a fitting result when driving such a car!

Later in 1960, this Flaminia Sport was bought by another Italian, Maria di Lentini in Catania, who registered the car with the license ‘CT 66090’. Maria kept the car for a further six years before selling it to Rome where it was registered with the license ‘Roma 990494’. March 1968 saw Massimo Marsiani purchase the car, maintaining ownership until the current owner purchased the car.

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During the current owners’ custody, this car was the recipient of a Concours-quality, no-expense-spared restoration by renowned experts, Carrozzeria Quality Cars in Padova, Italy. This exacting restoration is detailed through a bespoke leather-bound folder containing an image of the car before and after works, along with many images of the car at various stages of the restoration.

The car is now dressed in the livery with which it won the 1960 Coppa Inter-Europa with Elio Zagato and Giovanni Rota, whilst being presented in truly exceptional condition.

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