This Land Rover Defender ‘Beach Cruiser’ Is The Dogs Dangly Bits

Land Rover Defender ‘Beach Cruiser’
Land Rover Defender ‘Beach Cruiser’

As restomods go, this resplendent 1989 Land Rover Defender ‘Beach Cruiser’ might not have bells, whistles and flashing lights but it does have everything you need – and it’s powered by a thumping 3.9 litre V8…

Its simplistic looks are the brainchild of former Bugatti Designer, Etienne Salome and one of five to be created by UK-based Arkonik who have a passion for Land Rover Defenders.

As usual, the build process begins with the sourcing of a structurally solid and correctly titled donor vehicle, then following extensive appraisal, the vehicle is purchased and joins the South West company’s inventory in preparation for reimagining.

Land Rover Defender ‘Beach Cruiser’

Dismantling involves removal from the original steel frame and connected to a custom jig and carefully inspected with and realignment and essential adjustments carried out to factory specification. The whole thing is then shot blasted and given the ‘A’ team treatment including all drivetrain components.

Beach cruiser

While Arkonik’s Land Rover Defender ‘Beach Cruiser‘ is, without doubt, ultra-cool and minimalistic in appearance, it is remarkably satisfying on the eye and even boasts a desirable Series 2-style front end – what’s not to like?

Land Rover Defender ‘Beach Cruiser’

Simplicity continues throughout the build with some irritatingly wonderful features including those disappearing door handles and tactfully repositioned smoked LED headlamps that now sit comfortably within their new surroundings behind a unique grille.

If you do manage to locate the odd sand dune, a set of chunky 16-inch satin black steel wheels with BFGoodrich® All Terrains will comfortably plough their way through powered by a thumping 3.9-litre V8 coupled to a five-speed manual transmission.

Land Rover Defender ‘Beach Cruiser’

If you’re looking for infotainment, then think again… this is a spartan interior with denim trim and Linex hard-wearing flooring which should be easy to clean after a few miles around the coast.

Beach Cruiser

Andy Hayes, managing director:
“Arkonik was started on my driveway in 2006 with one vehicle. Previously, I’d had a motorcycle accident that had laid me up for two months, and for the first time in my life, I was physically forced to rest. When I got out of hospital my wife bought me an old Defender 110 to give me something to do. I still own that vehicle today.

“I circumnavigated Europe for a few months on my own in that old V8. It took me from the UK to Scandinavia through Poland and to Ukraine through Moldova, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, France, Spain, and back to England. When I bought and modified another Defender then subsequently sold it effortlessly, the seed of Arkonik was sewn.

“For me, the glory of an Arkonik Defender is the kinetic ability built into it. Whether you unleash its abilities once a year or every day, it is what’s so utterly compelling about them.”

Beach Cruiser

What does it cost?
There are only five and the price is simple too but you might need a remortgage… the whole thing will cost you around $240,000, that’s £175,712 in old money, depending on the bespoke requirements of each customer.

Images courtesy of Arkonik

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