This Low Slung Lancia Aurelia ‘Outlaw’ Restomod Has A 3.2-litre V6

Lancia Aurelia ‘Outlaw’

What you’re looking at here is a stunning Lancia Aurelia ‘Outlaw’ restomod that’s fitted with a ‘Busso’ 3.2-litre V6 engine and delivers in excess of 300bhp…

Revealed earlier today and made by Thornley Kelham, it’s described as being a lighter and more powerful ‘European CSL’ which they say is ‘the ultimate evolution of its hand-crafted Aurelia ‘Outlaw’‘.

The ambitious Lancia Aurelia ‘Outlaw’ project is being carried out by the Cotswolds-based company and will involve the reimagining of nine GT/rally cars, six of which are in-build or already built.

Lancia Aurelia ‘Outlaw’

Rather than the usual steel approach, the final trio will be constructed of hand-crafted aluminium panels and weighs in approximately 75kg lighter with a modernised look and that ‘bad-ass’ low-slung styling you either love or hate – we love it.

Lancia Aurelia ‘Outlaw’

Bespoke styling involves each of the bodies being entirely shaped by hand in an intricate process that involves a staggering 5,000 hours from base to Outlaw Aurelia European CSL. Described as having ‘razor-sharp purity’, the last three iterations of Outlaw will also incorporate modern disc brakes, pedal box, Rack and pinion steering, and a more uprated suspension than any previous commissions.

Lancia Aurelia ‘Outlaw’

Lancia Aurelia Outlaw Powertrain

Complimenting the new lightweight construction will be a ‘Busso’ 3.2-litre V6 engine, complete with fully mapped fuel injection and balanced, ported, and polished cylinder heads mated to a five-speed transaxle and limited-slip differential for good measure.

The company says all engine modifications are carried out in-house by a team that has tinkered with some of the most powerful engines on the historic motorsport circuit. The new power unit will deliver in excess of 300bhp – a significant upgrade over both the previous iterations of the ‘Outlaw’, at around 220bhp, and the original Aurelia itself, which offered around 118bhp.

Lancia Aurelia ‘Outlaw’

Simon Thornley, co-founder of Thornley Kelham, said:
“The Aurelia ‘Outlaw’ project has now reached its ultimate evolution, with just three remaining cars to be built, each with a new set of meticulously developed upgrades. But this doesn’t mark the end of our bespoke commissions. In fact, the European CSL is the first of a new line-up of projects we have developed to launch in the coming years that will be badged as ‘The Europeans’ by Thornley Kelham. As with the Aurelia commissions, these will be built around iconic performance cars, developed with fresh designs, upgraded performance, and a meticulous eye for detail.”


While each car is created to the customer’s exact requirements, the gorgeous retro-based interior has full Connolly leather, air-conditioning, a variety of front seat options, Alcantara headlining, fully built-in roll cage, and a wood-rimmed competition steering wheel that rounds things off nicely.

Thornley Kelham says the project has been inspired by Giovanni Bracco’s Mille Miglia Le Mans Aurelia B20GT, which the company restored and took to Pebble Beach. That car famously raced in the early ‘50s and was modified in period with a lower roofline.

Images – Charlie B Photography

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