This Magnifique French Classic Collection Is Up For Sale Now

French Collection

Entrepreneur, Richard Romagny is selling over 70 of his bulging French classic motor collection and there’s even a rare and original Citroën CX 2400 GTI included in the online sale…

The ‘French Collection’ is being offered strictly online by the Parisian auction house, Artcurial, and is described as being a ‘tribute to French marques – the best of French engineering’.

Businessman, adventurer, sports enthusiast, and petrolhead, Romagny accumulated the impressive range of French cars after falling love with his old man’s CX which he simulated driving at the ripe old age of only four.

Citroën CX 25 GTI

Va-va-voom 13 years and the budding Rally Raider heads off to purchase his first machine – a Simca 1100 TI which was identical to the one in the collection being offered until November 22nd.

In 2006 Richard sold his business and set off on a mission to reunite all the cars he adored as a bushy-tailed teenager, which he did pretty successfully via low mileage one or two owner Magnifique condition classics.

French Collection – What’s on offer?

Aside from the odd BMW, Merc, Suzuki, Toyota, and Voisin, there’s a vast array of Frenchness including [takes deep breath] 37 Citroëns, 24 Peugeots, 13 Renaults, and a pair of rather nice Simcas to light your bidding touchpaper with.

French Collection

Spearheading the lot list is a stunning Mandarine 1978 Citroën CX 2400 GTI which as many collectors of this car will tell you is the ‘holy grail’ of the model and extremely rare.

French Collection

There’s also the little matter of the car that signalled the beginning of a new automotive era, both for its avant-garde qualities and imperious design that made competitors look almost obsolete – there are no less than 5 examples of the Citroën DS on offer.

DS Estate

If you need more space then take a gander at this 1967 Citroën ID 21 Familiale. The family version was a luxurious 8-seater with a front bench seat and three folding seats that delivered a level of comfort and performance well above its hard-working rivals.

Peugeot 203 C cabriolet small

If rag-tops are your thing, this 1956 Peugeot 203 C cabriolet could well seduce you into bidding heavily with its yellow dress sense. The black interior in good condition, black canvas soft top in used condition, leather-wrapped steering wheel also patinated and equipped with pretty fender clogs, wheel hubcaps and embellished with long-range headlights.

French Collection - Citroën Traction 15-Six H Small

This 1955 Citroën Traction 15-Six H will transport you back in time and is the most prestigious and highly sought-after version of the Traction. It was the ultimate evolution with only 3077 examples built.

There are some wonderful examples to be had but remember the online-only sale finishes November 22nd…

Images courtesy of Artcurial

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