This Porsche 904 GTS Was Owned By Robert Redford For A Decade

904 GTS

Robert Redford owned this fast and furious Porsche 904 GTS for over a decade but now it’s up for sale if you’ve got €1,500,000 lying around…

While Ferry Porsche’s eldest son, Ferdinand ‘Butzi’ Porsche is best known for his landmark 901/911 design, he also designed the stylish 904 GTS coupe which was revolutionary being the first Porsche to make use of an aerodynamic and lightweight fiberglass bodyshell.

FIA’s Homologation regulations meant a minimum of 100 road-usable two-seated, dual-purpose sports cars had to be manufactured with Porsche’s Technical Director, Dr. Hans Tomala given free rein to bring something new to the table.

Robert Redford - Porsche 904 GTS

Tomala decided to embrace Colin Chapman’s revolutionary Lotus Elite theory in the design of Porsche’s new mid-engined GT racer, the Type 904. The body was made by the Heinkel aircraft company and is now widely accepted as one of the marques most elegant.

Robert Redford - Porsche 904 GTS

Its powerplant was the sophisticated quad-cam, air-cooled, opposed four-cylinder engine carried over from the 356 Carrera, mounted centrally. The new six would not be ready in time in any case, but with an eye on future developments, the 904’s engine bay was made big enough to accommodate it, as well as the 2-liter version of the F1 flat eight.

A small number of late-production cars were fitted with six-cylinder engines from the 906. A total of 108 chassis were constructed by the factory, plus a few more later from spare parts.

Robert Redford

Jonathan Wood, Porsche: The Legend:
“The final sports racing expression of the Porsche four-cylinder line came in 1964 with the arrival of the 904 GTS Coupe. It not only took the first two places in that year’s Targa Florio event but was also second in the 1965 Monte Carlo Rally and scored a host of class wins, in addition to numerous other competition successes.”

Robert Redford

The car was originally owned by Steve Earle, founder of the Monterey Historic Races at Laguna Seca, this GTS was campaigned by subsequent owner Steve Berg at prominent North American venues including Laguna Seca before it was later acquired by Redford, who kept it for nearly a decade.

Full auction details can be found via this link.

Images courtesy Bonhams

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