Totem Automobili’s Electric GT Might Convert The Purist

Totem Electric GT
Totem Electric GT

In case you missed Totem Automobili’s first shot at an electrified restomod a few weeks ago, here’s the low down on their gorgeous Electric GT that might just give the Alfa purists a jump-start…

The reimagined Alfa Romeo Giulia GT, or 105 and 115 Series as the Alfa geeks are constantly chattering on about, is achieved by deconstructing a donor GT Junior 1300/1600 which is based on a shortened floorpan from the Giulia saloon and giving it some upgrades to compensate for the extra power being applied to the GT electric.

This is where it gets interesting… Totem Automobili sticks a 50.4 kWh battery pack in place of the engine weighing just 350 kg which generates 518 bhp, 692 pound-feet (940 Nm) to the all-important electric motor.

That makes it fast, very fast. In fact, so fast it can shift from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in a neck-breaking 3.4 seconds which of course is of absolutely no use at all, other than bragging to your mates about over a ginger beer in a country pub somewhere in Surrey.

Totem Electric GT

While the company only has plans to build 20 electric GTs for now, the attention to detail is beyond belief and impossible not to completely fall in love with. The carbon fibre body design and styling are given around 6,000 hours of work at the company’s HQ in Venice, Italy with the end product tipping the scales at a not so light 1,410 kg, more than the original car, hence the stiffening and upgrades.

Electric GT

Totem state that only 10% of the original chassis remains standard accompanied by a McPherson strut arrangement with two-way adjustable Bilstein Clubsport coil-overs added upfront. The rear gets some attention too with more Bilstein and multi-link independent suspension and subframe to house the mid-rear-mounted motor.

The exquisite detail continues within the retro-styled cabin area with carbon fibre seating, stylish Momo steering wheel, leather by the truckload which covers just about everything apart from the wood bits, electric windows, air conditioning, 400v heating, sophisticated anti-theft system, keyless ignition and, wait for it… an actual mechanical handbrake to build your muscles up with.

Totem Electric GT

There’s also a splendid infotainment system designed in vintage style and described as ‘one of the best audio systems in the world‘, created for GT electric by Audio Development to experience the highest audio quality possible.

Totem has even gone to the next level of ‘overlaying’ sound by adding the ‘option’ to generate engine revving, gears being changed, exhaust noise which some will say, detracts from the whole EV mantra.

Totem Electric GT

This Giulia GTA looking dream machine is, without doubt, something to behold but does come at a hefty price… Prices start at around £385k (430,000 euros) and include the donor car.

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