Vanguard Sportsman Steals The Witton Castle 2018 Classic Show

Our classic car travels continued this weekend, as we ventured into the sticks to visit a very special Vanguard Sportsman.

Set within over 330 acres of outstanding backdrop and green space, Witton Castle provided a more than interesting journey for enthusiastic classic fans this weekend, 28 May 2018.

Located on the main field area, opposite the very luxurious free-standing holiday homes available for purchase on the site, was a decent array of varying classic enchantment.

As the sun continued to deliver great weather, owners and devotees were keen to showcase their classic prize possessions to the inquistive camera snapping visitors.

Vanguard Sportsman

Rarities included a Vanguard Sportsman, accompanied with overdrive and dressed in an exquisite two-tone black and white overcoat.

A frugal 901 examples of the Vanguard Sportsman were produced up to 1958. Sportsmans were then only available to special order, and around another fifty (mostly estate cars) were built between 1958 and 1960.

Vanguard Sportsman
Vanguard Sportsman at the Witton Castle 2018 Classic Car Show

Other high octane classics included a host of Triumph Stags, Jaguar, Land Rover, 2 fine examples of the gorgeous Karmann Ghia, Audi, Ford Cortina, Cadillac and a delectable Porsche 356.

All images below are clickable and you can follow our Flckr journey via this link.

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