Voitures Extravert’s Quintessenza 911 EV Is A Multi Coloured Restomod


In the market for an iconic classic EV? Well, this sexy German 911 is the ‘quintessenza’ and it’s been fully rebuilt and fitted with an electric drivetrain that will reliably extract around 250 miles out of its 59kWh battery… best of all, it’s not grey.

Who makes them?
Dutch and proud, Voitures Extravert was formed in 2016 with a simple mission:

To color the streets again with iconic classics, based on technology of our future, 100% rebuild, true to its origin, powerful and silent, all-electric

Essentially, the company says it’s serious about offering its customers cutting-edge technology while embracing that classic user experience we all seem to complain about whenever an EV that should have an engine… well, doesn’t.


It’s taken four long years to reach this stage and another nine months if you fancy ordering one of the quintessenza range that includes the Sexy Sixties SE Coupe / Targa and Totally Eighties TE Coupe / Targa, both of which are created from a process that begins with a test drive, then the sourcing of a 70s / 80s Porsche 911, disassembly, and preparation, complete rebuild, integration and after the baby is born… delivery.

All components are said to be carefully restored and or replaced in a bid to make everything ‘better than new’ whilst maintaining that classic feel and experience when driving.

electric porsche 911

Externally, the latest paint and anti-corrosion techniques hopefully ensure a perfect, long-lasting finish. Then the wiring and many electrical parts are automatically replaced prior to the final assembly.

As with all EV’s, performance is a hot topic and the quintessenza is no different with the original acceleration 0-62 of 8.7s improved by 30% to around 6 seconds.

Founders, Martijn van Dijk, and Jurgen Moerman say the car has radically enriched performance but above all has a much-improved weight balance making for much better drivability and stability – it simply drives quicker, safer, and much more comfortable than the original.


What does it all cost?
The Sexy Sixties SE Coupe will set you back €309,990 (approx £266,650), while the Targa version of the same car will cost you around €329,990 (£283,850). The Totally Eighties TE is priced at €329,990 (£283,850) and the Coupe comes in a sniff under €300,000 (£258,050).

Warranty is pretty good with a whole five years or 62,500 miles thrown in and Voitures Extravert insists you should only need to change the tyres and windscreen washer fluid when it comes to servicing.


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