Wheeler Dealers Returns To UK With Ace Mechanic Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley

Wheeler Dealers
Wheeler Dealers returns to the UK with new co-host Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley on the spanners

Mike Brewer has confirmed that after six years over the pond, Wheeler Dealers Will return to Blighty with series 17 to be shot at a location near the artisan capital of Bicester Heritage.

Just as the ’we love Ed’ brigade were being weaned off their antidepressants, the show is being moved lock, stock and two-smoking chrome tail pipes back to it’s ’roots’ minus ace mechanic, Ant Anstead who will continue his duties in the US.

The new 20×1-hour season will continue the usual format with new co-host and ex-Formula One technician for McLaren, Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley stepping into the vacant ’fettling’ role as the pair endeavour to save even more classic motoring specialities from the looming crusher by squeezing a more lucrative budget to its extreme.

In a trio Zoom conference, Wheeler Dealer, Brewer with Ant Anstead and new spanner-man Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley, said:
My bag is packed and I’m heading back to the UK with the Wheeler Show in my suitcase.

We’ve had an amazing 6 years here but we do listen to the audience and have been inundated by people telling us come ’home’.

Simon Downing, senior VP, head of factual and sport at Discovery UK:
Bringing Wheeler Dealers back to the U.K. is an exciting moment for us. Motoring is an increasingly important genre at Discovery—and our high-quality productions in this category help drive ratings across pay-TV, free-to-air and digital.

Wheeler Dealers is the most successful of these franchises and we’re delighted to super-serve fans with new episodes. We’d like to thank Ant for doing a truly amazing job, he will always remain a member of the Wheeler Dealers family and will be making some special appearances in future episodes.

A warm welcome to Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley who has already proved a hit among fans in the spin-off Dream Car.

Bicester Heritage

The workshop location is said to be within close proximity of Bicester Heritage which embraces over 40 specialist businesses in a unique location near Oxford.

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