Whitewebbs Museum

The museum is owned and operated by the Enfield and District Veteran Vehicle Trust, a registered charity. Everybody involved is an enthusiast and volunteer, so if you would like to help, give us a call. The building is an 1898 pumping station that was purchased by the Trust in 1986 in a near derelict state. It originally housed two steam engines and boilers which pumped water from the well below the building into the New River.

Alterations included adding all the floors and staircases, as well as refurbishing the rest. With the main building now complete, our latest development has been the construction of a fire station, and alongside it, a large building displaying a variety of vehicles.

Below you will find a more detailed history of how the Whitewebbs pumping station came into being.

Whitewebbs Museum
Whitewebbs Museum

Whitewebbs Rd

Phone: 020 8367 1898

Email: enquiries@whitewebbsmuseum.co.uk

Website: www.whitewebbsmuseum.co.uk

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