Wonderful 1925 Bugatti Type 35A Could Be Yours For $2,400,000

Type 35 Bugatti
Type 35 Bugatti - Images courtesy Worldwide Auctioneers

A wonderful 1925 Bugatti Type 35A could be yours for $2,400,000.

Renowned for its tenacious looks and styling, Ettore Bugatti’s Type 35 quickly established itself following a bold debut in 1924, with success for the next decade in Grand Prix racing.

The easily recognisable Type 35 designed race-car was an artists masterpiece rendered in metal and gave little thought to anything but winning.

The Italian born French designer Ettore Bugatti, made no secret of his dislike for positive-displacement superchargers, which he thought were a complete violation of rules and regulations. Instead the Type 35 was given power from the Type 30-derived straight-eight engine designed to rev higher and generate more power, without need for any supercharging.

Type 35 Bugatti
Type 35 Bugatti – Images courtesy Worldwide Auctioneers

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This particular 1925 Bugatti Type 35A is a purist of the highest order, accompanied by a rather fascinating history from the outset. The classic comes with a carefully detailed documentation in the pages of the American Bugatti Club Register and by internationally renowned Bugatti consultant David Sewell.

Described as being with engine 43A – the unit it retains today – and was 1 of 10 Type 35As (Chassis 4625 – 4632, 4634 and 4635) constructed during September 1925. Type 35A was essentially a 2-litre Type 35 intended for fast touring with body and chassis identical to the racing Type 35 while offering relative ease of maintenance and operation with the Type 38 engine a simpler ball bearing crankshaft, battery-and-distributor ignition and not a magneto, and wire-spoked wheels.

Type 35 Bugatti
Type 35 Bugatti – Images courtesy Worldwide Auctioneers

Internally designated a “Course Imitation” and often nicknamed ‘Tecla’ after a well-known line of cultured pearls, the T35A was certainly a formidable performer for the era’s rudimentary roads, capable of approaching 100 mph at 4,500 rpm in top gear. This example, however, is an interesting and unusual hybrid of the roadgoing T35A and all-out T35.

Mr. Sewell spoke of the vintage racer, saying:
“Unusually for a Type 35A this car has evidently been fitted from new with Bosch magneto ignition and an under-seat oil tank and transfer pump as on a Type 35, the chassis top rail even having the correct small plate riveted under the pump to stiffen its mounting. The front axle is of a larger diameter than a standard Type 35A beam and is not numbered so is probably a Type 35 hollow axle. The front springs have an extra sixth top leaf as featured on most Type 35B and 35C models with their larger 330mm diameter brakes.”

Type 35 Bugatti
Type 35 Bugatti – Images courtesy Worldwide Auctioneers

This highly authentic and correct prewar racing icon can be viewed in full by visiting this link.

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