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Join CCC Contribution Pool
Join CCC Contribution Pool

Since its humble beginnings, Classic Car Curation was designed to be informative, creative, engaging and above all thoroughly interesting for Classic Car enthusiasts around the world.

We always welcome guest and new writers into the fold, contributing to the classic pool.

What kind of content do we like and publish?

Each and every month we cover the most recent, decent and truthful events taking place throughout the classic car fraternity. Content will typically include events, auction information, general classic motoring news and just about anything that stimulates our readers.

We encourage and welcome innovative ideas from journalists/authors, especially those who are active around the classic and vintage car events.

Expression of interest

Use the form below to express your interest in joining our contribution pool of writers. If your background fits we will reach out and send details to yourself within 7 days.

Please be accurate and tell us the area of motoring / classic car you are most suited to, and of course, send links to published or existing work.


Following proofreading, CCC retain the right to make any needed or necessary edits for reasons of interest, clarity or impact. We may contact you and suggest that you undertake the edit. Alternatively, we carry out the editing and send you a copy for your approval via e-mail.

Intellectual Property Rights
As the creator of any content submissions to CCC, you retain all your rights to that content.

However, by submitting your content you are giving us an exclusive, royalty-free licence to publish that work and to use, reproduce, distribute, edit, adapt, and publicly display the work submitted by yourself.

In addition, on submitting your content, you are warranting that your work is original and that you own all rights to that content or have written permission to use it, whether it is in the form of text, photographs, audio, video, graphics or any other formats and you fully indemnify CCC against any action from any party that may arise from your infringement of any other party’s rights.